Deferring Asset Replacement and Plant Shutdowns

A jacking solution that allows access to multiple work areas whilst the equipment is in operation, giving plant engineers and contractors critical information on pipe condition and access to perform maintenance.



Kudujacks solution summary

  • Global capabilities of mobilising personnel and equipment
  • Comprehensive Engineering & HSE Support
  • Access in confined spaces
  • Remote initial lifts
  • Synchronized lifting
  • Lifting of complete pipe racks OR multiple lines simultaneously
  • Lifting of selective lines only
  • Unsuspended loads with a static structure
  • Access to corrosion at the supports - practically anywhere

the Benefits to operators

  • Remarkable cost savings
  • Timely access to corrosion at the supports
  • Quantified information & maintenance
  • No unexpected failures - no production downtime
  • Extended life of assets - greatly deferred pipe replacement

the benefits to contractors

  • Competitive Advantage in costs and unique service offerings to your clients