Underpinning the Solution is a Uniquely Lightweight and Versatile Jacking System

We work with your plant maintenance contractor to engineer a SAFE jacking solution providing access to multiple work areas whilst the plant is in operation. Models of allowable stress profiles per line and studies for the number of and positioning of the Jacks are developed, each of which are rated at a 6000 kg safe working load. The result is a safe vertical displacement of selective or multiple product lines for access and maintenance. 

The system achieves a vertical lift of up to 80 mm, sufficient to perform all inspections (NDE, Visual) and maintenance / improvements. The initial lift (the break-away) is done remotely using hydraulics to avoid personnel exposure in case of a resulting leak in suspect contact areas. Mechanical lifting follows the initial breakaway. The piping system is then vertically secured by a double lock-out system on the jacks, which is then declared a non-suspended load and therefore safe to work underneath.  

The Jacking Study:

  • Determines the Weight to be lifted.
  • Develops a Stress Curve of each Pipeline.
  • Supplies a drawing for the Position of each Jack.
  • Specifies Movement-Control on lifted Equipment.
  • Declares the Structure Safe for lifting.
jaku 3.jpg

The Jacks are tested and accredited with SANS (South African National Standards) and other certification standards are being investigated.

jaku 4.jpg

single pipes


Multiple pipes



jaku 5.jpg

Custom lifts

a complete solution for you and your client

  • Comprehensive operational oversight
  • Thorough upfront engineering analysis
  • Potential deviation analysis and jack locations
  • Safe jacking procedures
  • Trained personnel
  • Client safety & general safety procedures
  • Emergency & safety management

These are adapted to specific regulations applicable to your jurisdiction and plant environment and we are effective advocates for safe, cost-effective operations on live equipment.